Who We Are

Hiddenbed of Oregon is a specialty production company for the Hiddenbed™ and other fine space-saving furniture. We are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley – Mount Angel, Oregon. The company was formed in 2011. 

How We Came to Be

At the time, my wife and I were looking for a way to compress our living needs into our family room since we were in the process of converting our home into an adult foster care home. While researching on the internet, my wife came across the Hiddenbed concept and said, "that's what we need! Will you make us one?" As a skilled carpenter and craftsman, I said, "Yes, this looks like it will do the job!" We ordered the Hiddenbed mechanism, and for about a week I measured, cut, drilled, assembled and put the final finishing touches on our first Hiddenbed. 

What Impressed Us So

We were so impressed and intrigued with the fact that the bed, which incorporates both a bed and a desk into the same free-standing piece of furniture, essentially doubles the utility of the space that it occupies, and it is much more functional than a murphy bed or wall bed. When you want to do desk work, simply gently raise and store the well-balanced bed, and the desk glides off the floor remaining perfectly flat and comes into position. When you want to sleep, just reverse the process, pulling the bed out and down into position. The desk glides back to the floor under the bed, and you don't even have to take anything off the desk. You can leave your computer, monitor, and even a cup of coffee on the desk. It is an ideal space-saver!

Company Growth

As a company, we have come a long way from that first Hiddenbed. Since the company's founding, we have produced many strikingly beautiful designs for several models of the Hiddenbed, including the Smile Full, the Regal Queen, the Slim Full, the Ritzy, as well as two completely new and unique products, the Hiddendesk and the Rollingdesk.  Additionally, we started using a computerized cutting system for milling most of the parts, and generally developed every aspect of our new business. Thus far, we have shipped beds to many locations throughout Oregon, the U.S., and Canada.

Major Expansion in 2015

Currently the company is undergoing a major expansion. In March 2015, we leased a 1500 sq. ft. production facility which will also have a small showroom, and purchased our own CNC router, the machine that does the lion's share of milling on any new Hiddenbed, as well as other expensive, time-saving machinery. We are proud to be one of the Nation's foremost producers and sellers of the Hiddenbed.

Come See Us!

We are located at 190 S. Main St., Mount Angel, OR 97362

Keith Cobb and family
Owner, Keith Cobb with family

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