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Home Office: 190 S. Main St., Mount Angel, Oregon 97362

Telephone:  503-874-6109

Email:  info@hiddenbedoforegon.com

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Useful Links 

These are a few useful links to websites associated with or recommended by Hiddenbed of Oregon

Hiddenbed USA  This is the distributor for the Hiddenbed mechanism in the United States. 

Hiddenbed This is the parent international company that originated the Hiddenbed. 

Hiddenbed Canada Direct  This is another company located in Winnipeg, Canada, that makes the Hiddenbed. 

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co  Interesting website on one of a number of companies building homes that could use a Hiddenbed. 

Tiny Smart House  Company that is using our Hiddenbeds

Tiny Mountain Houses  Salem company that builds tiny homes and will be using our beds

Active Search Results Search Engine One of the search engines that links to us

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