Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Hiddenbed better than other alternatives?

There are many reasons:

  • The Hiddenbed is a unique, innovative system that incorporates both a bed and a desk into a single piece of furniture. 
  • It’s not just a bed. It's very elegant and compact – a great space saver.
  • Unlike wall-beds or Murphy Beds, which are often built in, and difficult to move, the Hiddenbed easily goes with you when you move since it is a free-standing piece of furniture.
  • It's far more comfortable than a hide-a-bed. You can use a standard mattress of your choice.
  • Unlike wall-beds or Murphy Beds, which are intended mainly for occasional use, the Hiddenbed is built for daily use, and has been tested through 10,000 cycles with no problems – an equivalent to about 30 years daily use. It converts in seconds, almost effortlessly.
Why should I purchase my Hiddenbed from Hiddenbed of Oregon?

  • We are not just a marketing company that sells products made by other businesses. We are hands on, we love what we do, and work directly with our customers to get them the bed that they want.
  • We specialize in the Hiddenbed and offer a full line of finely crafted models. Most other producers do not specialize as we do, and do not have as many different models. Furthermore, we believe that our designs are better.
  • We can fully customize your Hiddenbed to your specific tastes and needs. 
  • We offer our Hiddenbeds in real wood as well as Melamine. Other producers mostly do not offer their beds in real wood.
  • We provide cabinetry to go along with your Hiddenbed. Most other producers do not.
  • We are building an inventory of our standard models so that you can order a bed off the shelf if you want it quickly. 
  • We not only provide local delivery and setup of your Hiddenbed (within a reasonable distance from our plant), but we ship to all locations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Our beds are very reasonably priced. It is not our intention to be the low-cost provider, but you will be hard pressed to find better prices.

Do I have to take my things off the desk when I convert to a bed?

No. You can leave everything on the desk just as it is. Nothing will fall off. You can even leave a glass of water on the desk and it will not spill a drop! The desk remains flat at all times. When you pull the bed out, the desk just gently lowers to the floor.

How much room is there on the desk?

For our horizontally opening models, the desk surface is approximately six feet long and two feet wide. For the vertically opening models, the desk is as wide as the bed (39" for a Twin, 54" for a Full, and 60" for a Queen) and about two feet deep. You can put computers, monitors, and other objects on the desk that are under 17¾” tall.

How much weight can the desk support?

Without additional stiffeners, the desk can support up to 45 lbs.

Do I need to unplug my computer and monitor when I convert to a bed?

No. You can keep all your electronics on the desk and plugged in. Power cords and other cabling easily connect with wall sockets behind the Hiddenbed.

Is Hiddenbed safe?

Yes. The Hiddenbed is designed with safety in mind. The patented mechanism is well balanced, easy to operate, and allows complete control during the transformation process. With reasonable care, there is little chance for pinching any fingers.

In December of 2009 two different Organizations, LGA Laboratories in Germany and the Public Laboratory of Construction in Japan, submitted the Hiddenbed ("Splendid" model) to rigorous testing for quality, safety and suitability for intensive use. Both organizations approved the safety and quality of the Hiddenbed and its mecanism. 

Should I be concerned about outgassing from a Hiddenbed?

Plywood and melamine products are generally constructed with glues and bonding agents that incorporate urea formaldehyde. Some people, especially those with chemical sensitivities, have been known to have adverse reactions to the outgassing from these bonding agents. At Hiddenbed of Oregon, we use plywood and melamine sheet goods that have very little if any added formaldehyde, and our products conform to the very strict limitations established by the California Air Resource Board (CARB)  for emissions of urea formaldehyde.

Is Hiddenbed suitable for children?
Yes.  Kids love Hiddenbed, especially the double decker. While younger children may need assistance, older children can transform the bed easily by themselves.
What kind of a mattress can I use with a Hiddenbed?

You can use any standard mattress in either a twin, double, or queen size. The standard Hiddenbed design allows for a mattress up to ten inches thick. If you want a thicker mattress, we can customize the design for a larger cabinet that would accommodate the thicker mattress.

Do I need to remove the bedding when I convert to a desk?

No. Your bedding can certainly remain on the bed. Whether you make the bed or not is up to you.

What keeps the desk from shifting if someone leans on it?

Hiddenbed has a lock knob on either end of the desk that keeps the desk securely in place. Just push the knobs in to lock the desk and pull them out when you are ready to convert to a bed.

Is it difficult to transform Hiddenbed from bed to desk and vice versa?

No. Hiddenbed’s patented balancing mechanism allows for easy transformation. Even kids can do it!

How easy is it to install a Hiddenbed?

It's about a two hour’s job for a trained installer. For customers who purchase and install their own beds, it will take longer - four hours on average for two people. If you are familiar with basic tools and have access to a cordless screwdriver, it should be easy enough to do. If you wish to purchase a kit, but don't feel confident to do the assembly yourself, we can help to arrange for a local carpenter to assist with the assembly.

Is there a warranty on the Hiddenbed?

Hiddenbed is guaranteed for 5 years against defects in hardware and craftsmanship.

What happens if I move?

Unlike a Murpy bed or wall-bed, which is often built into the structure of your home and difficult to move, the Hiddenbed is a free-standing piece of furniture, and can more easily be taken with you when you move. The bed does need to be partially disassembled, but it is fairly easy to do. Please contact us for instructions and/or assistance.

Do you sell your Hiddenbed models in Do-It-Yourself kits?

Yes! Our Hiddenbed kits come in one or more crates, each weighing between 150 - 450 lbs. These contain all the wood pieces, the mechanism, all hardware, and complete instructions for the assembly. All parts are labelled and pre-drilled. All you need to supply is a few basic tools, time, and the manpower to put the kit together. You will also need to provide your own mattress.

Could I order just the Hiddenbed mechanism and mill the wooden parts myself?

Yes. The mechanism may be purchased through the national distributor, Hiddenbed USA (see the Links page.) However this is not a project for a weekend carpenter. The layout and millwork require great precision. Without expensive equipment including a CNC (computerized milling machine) it would take a skilled craftsman a week or more of intensive work to mill, pre-drill, edgeband, and finish all the necessary parts.

Where can you ship your Hiddenbeds?

Currently, we are shipping only to the continental United States and Canada.

How long will it take to get our Hiddenbed once we order it?

If we have your model in stock, it will take about a week to ten days to receive it. If your model is not in stock, and depending on the material and finish you select, it could take up to three to four weeks.

How do I order a Hiddenbed?

  • From the "Products" menu, select the bed or other product in which you are interested. Then fill out and submit the Quote Request Form for that bed. We will then send you a personalized quote for the particular bed and options which you desire. (This is explained more fully on the bottom of our home page.)
  • Call Hiddenbed of Oregon: 503-874-6109 or 
  • Email:
  • Come visit us at our plant in Mt. Angel. Please call ahead for an appointment - we are not always in the shop during normal business hours.