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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

If you have ordered a bed that we produce in our own shop, you may cancel your order at any time before we have started production. This could be as soon as two days or four weeks. After we have started production, we will issue a refund only for a compelling reason. 

If you have ordered a bed that comes from another manufacturer, you may cancel your order any time before the product goes into production (if it is made to order) or has shipped (if the product is an inventoried item). Lead time varies between two days to six weeks. 

Once a refund has been approved, you can expect to receive it within five business days.

Procedure for requesting a cancellation


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order, contact us by email: keith@hiddenbedoforegon.com. Please explain the reasons for your decision and include your phone number in your email.