Hiddenbed use in dorms and housing developments

Hiddenbed adds Increased value and desirability

Save space and reduce cost

Because space in these environments is often limited, a Hiddenbed, Murphy bed or wall bed can make a huge difference in the spaciousness and utility of these small spaces, thus increasing their value and comfort.

Consider Hiddenbed For:
  • University dorms and married student housing,

  • Senior retirement villages

  • Apartment and condominium complexes

  • Tiny home villages and accessory dwelling units (ADUs)


Reduced pricing on quantity orders

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Hiddenbed of Oregon has supplied hundreds of wall beds to apartment complexes throughout Northwest Oregon



Studio Master Hiddenbed has a generous desk and book shelf making it ideal for students

Studio Master Hiddenbed, the best choice for Student Dorms

Student dorms are often cramped for space. Our Studio Master Hiddenbed is a perfect choice for this environment since it fulfills the need for comfortable sleeping, desk-work, book storage, and a couch for daytime needs.  Combining all these functions into one compact piece of furniture not only saves space, but can be a cost savings since only one furniture needs to be purchased.

During the day, the Studio Master can be used as a couch and at night it is a comfortable twin bed

Married Student Housing


A full or queen Smile Hiddenbed is just one option for married student housing, providing comfortable sleeping for two as well as a generous desk for studies.

Hiddenbed for increased spaciousness and comfort in Married Student Housing

Married student housing is designed for economy of space, and often feels cramped as a result. One of our larger Hiddenbed models such as the Smile or the Regal are well adapted to the needs of  married student housing, providing very comfortable sleeping, much needed desk space, and book storage.

This full size Smile Hiddenbed with side shelves provides exellent sleeping and study space for married students.


Retirement Villages

This Regal Hiddenbed can stay stored most of the time and used as a desk. When the guests come, it only takes seconds to transform it into a comfortable full or queen bed for guest use.

Senior Retirement Villages benefit from a Hiddenbed or Murphy bed space-saver

When seniors move into a retirement village, they often move from a much larger living space into a relatively small living space. Often, this means that they do not have enough space for a generous desk as well as accommodation for overnight guests. A Hiddenbed is the perfect solution for this since it provides both these functions in one compact unit. 

This queen smile Hiddenbed with flat screen TV attached to the bottom of the bed makes a truly multi-purpose space-saver for small apartments, condos, studios and other limited space residences.


Apartment and Condo Complexes

The Simple model wallbed with side cabinets and drawers is an excellent choice to increase the spaciousness and utility in studio apartments

The bed in this queen size Simple Murpy bed stores easily, leaving the living space uncluttered and open for other living activities.

Simple model Murphy bed with side cabinetry.
Hiddenbed for increased spaciousness and utility in apartment and condo complexes.

Let’s face it – apartments and condos have limited space and nowhere to expand. When space is limited, the only way to expand is to make better use of the available space. Developers are finding that more and more people are opting for a Murphy bed or multi-purpose Hiddenbed to maximize the utility, comfort, and sense of spaciousness in their residences.


Tiny Homes and ADUs

The full or queen Regal Hiddenbed is a great space-saver for tiny homes and ADUs since it doubles the utility of the space it occupyes, providing comfortable sleeping and desk space. The addition of a flatscreen TV to the bottom of the bed could also make this into a great entertainment center. 

In this very tiny home, the owner opted for a Ritzy Hiddenbed, since it can be used as a bed, and a couch, and has a generous desk. Transition between bed and desk is effortless and only takes seconds. Furthermore, nothing needs to be removed from the desk when transitioning.

Hiddenbed perfect for Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Tiny homes and AdUs have extreme space limitations and benefit greatly from the use of a Hiddenbed. Hiddenbed of Oregon has been supplying our space-saving furniture for these environments for years with great success.

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