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About our Materials

The beauty of real wood

About the finish

While these photos do not capture the true beauty of the birch panels and hardwood trims out of which these wall beds are made, they will at least give you a sense of their beauty.

Birch is a durable and timeless hardwood rich in grain structure and relatively light in hue. These solid wood veneer panels come from sustainably harvested trees that are domestically sourced. Using veneers in combination with solid wood ply-cores gives greater dimensional stability to the panels, reducing expansion and contraction due to humidity.

To compliment your existing home décor, various stain colors, shown at right, are applied to the birch panels and hardwood trims. This is followed by a durable, clear, low-sheen lacquer finish that seals and protects the surfaces. The result is a luxuriant and fairly uniform finish. You should, however, expect some variation in color, grain and markings that naturally occur with each piece. That’s the beauty of real wood!

For those who prefer a painted white finish, this is available for a small upcharge.

Care of your wall bed

Lacquer holds up well with daily use but it’s important to protect your bed from excessive heat, water, and other liquids. To care for your furniture-just wipe with a soft damp cloth and then dry the surface immediately. All wood is susceptible to scratches and dings so use coasters and pads to protect your furniture.