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Table Beds

Cleverly engineered wall bed—two pieces of furniture in one!


Hidden inside the face of the bed is a generous table 48" wide x 40" deep that folds down for use as a desk, crafts table, or dining table.


A table bed works well in a guest bedroom, studio apartment or tiny home.

Table Bed Collection

Table Bed Collection

Bristol  table  Murphy bed in caramel finish
Euro table Murphy bed in caramel finish

Available in queen size only

Euro Deluxe Murphy table bed with side cabinets in natural finish

Available in queen size only

Available in queen size only

Ryland Murphy table bed in white finish

Available in queen size only

A Better Way to Build a Wall Bed

Superior Strength,
Durability, Safety,
and Portability

Our mattress tray

  • Constructed with over 100 linear feet of internal support struts glued and screwed together with over 120 screws and a pint of industrial adhesive.

  • These “I Beam” supports make the bed extremely strong plus allow air to flow under your mattress to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

  • Unlike many other wall beds, our trays are built with head, foot, and side rails to keep the mattress in place and provide a way to tuck in your bedding for storage.

Mattress Tray Detail
Case assembly detail

The bed case

  • Extremely strong and stable.

  • Designed in a way that makes it easy to assemble and to disassemble should you ever want to move.

  • Unlike other wall beds that are assembled with a cam lock system, our beds are assembled with decorative fasteners that go through the case sides and bolt into t-nuts in the foundation and case top.

  • Due to this, our beds are not only superior in strength but can be assembled and disassembled many times without the fasteners and joints weakening.

  • They go together with just 14 bolts making them the easiest in the industry to assemble.

Case Top Detail

The case top

  • Uniquely designed for strength, stability, and safety.

  • Built with a complete structural box to which the ¾” plywood top is glued, stapled, bracketed, and finished with either a front molding or wrap around crown molding.

  • Comes with a safety cable that provides an extra layer of protection against tipping due to faulty installation.

The case foundation

  • Constructed with 20 feet of structural material that is glued, stapled, and screwed together for an extremely strong base that keeps the bed properly aligned and square.

  • Finished with a front molding that keeps dust and other objects from getting under the bed.

Case Foundation Detail
lift assist detail.jpg

The lift assist system

  • Utilizes high-quality gas pistons that have withstood testing both in the lab and in the field for 16,000 cycles with no noticeable wear or change in performance.

  • Easily replaced if ever there is a problem, and if a piston fails, which we see in only one in 5000 cases, it does so by quietly losing its power, not with a bang or crash!

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