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Murphy beds

Make Small Spaces Bigger with one of our Murphy Beds

You're about to move into your first apartment after college, and you're a little disappointed in its size. Many people, today, are moving into smaller and smaller spaces, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas like Portland. If you find yourself in this situation, Murphy beds are a great option to free up space and make your apartment or other small space more comfortable and spacious.

We have installed Murphy beds in many studio apartments, guest bedrooms, home offices, and even in living rooms. Murphy beds are great for getting the bed out of the way when you don't want it taking up precious floor space. Since the cabinets for Murphy beds are generally very compact and nice looking, they add a gracious accent to the decor of your room.


Because Murphy beds are tall and hug the wall, it is necessary that they be firmly attached to the wall. When we install a Murphy bed, we generally drive three or four long screws through the back of the case into the studs behind the wall. If later you move and take your Murphy bed with you, the small holes that are left are easily filled and touched up. It is always best to call us to help with a move. Most home owners do not have the knowledge and skill to safely and quickly move a Murphy bed.

Murphy Bed
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