Cabinet Bed

Murphy Bed

What's the difference?

Hiddenbed: a multi-functional furniture, combining both a bed and a desk into the same compact unit. It's not only a great space-saver, but has the added utility of the built in desk that always remains flat. One never needs to remove anything from the desk when using the bed. Computers, printers, and whatever else you keep on the desk can remain there hooked up and ready for use.

If you want to reclaim space in your bedroom or studio and could use the added utility of a generous desk, the Hiddenbed is a great option.

Murphy bed: a space-saving bed (also called a wall bed) that folds up and stores vertically in a cabinet attached to or set into a wall. It’s great advantage is that when the bed is stored, it frees up space that can be used for other purposes. Murphy beds can be stand alone or set into a whole system of cabinets that fill a wall.

If you want to reclaim space in your bedroom or studio, but don't need a desk, the Murphy bed is a great option.

Cabinet bed: The most compact storable bed – a queen bed with comfortable tri-fold mattress that folds up and stores in a beautiful credenza cabinet. 

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