About us

Who we are

Hiddenbed of Oregon is a family owned business located in Mount Angel, Oregon. Since its founding in 2011, demand for our products has increased rapidly. In 2015 we moved into a much larger production facility and purchased additional machinery to speed and streamline our production process. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest quality and best value in space-saving furniture in the Pacific Northwest and Continental U.S., especially the multi-purpose Hiddenbed line of desk bed furniture.

Who we serve

We are proud that our space-saving products have delighted customers throughout Oregon and the continental U.S., helping them to make much better use of their spaces. We have catered to home owners, apartment dwellers, and institutional buyers for a wide variety of dwellings, from tiny homes to mansions to university applications. 

Production facility, Mount Angel, OR

Keith and Jo Cobb, founders of Hiddenbed of Oregon

A view inside our production facility

Keith with daughter - our first Hiddenbed, 2011

Our Manufacturing Process


Every Hiddenbed, Murphy bed, or other space-saving product at our plant starts with a design that has gone through a process of continual refinement over the years. As we have grown and learned, we have also added completely new and unique designs to our product line - refined designs that you will not find anywhere else. Once the design for a particular model in finalized, it is coded for milling on our CNC machine.


While the design and coding is being finalized, required materials and supplies are ordered. Most of the panels that we use in our production are prefinished hardwood veneer panels chosen for their beauty and durability. These, then, are cut, drilled, and routed with great precision on our flatbed CNC machine to create the needed parts for each bed. Next, the parts are edgebanded, either on our straight-line edgebander or our contour edgebander. These parts are then cleaned, and prepared for final finishing and assembly. 


All parts for our beds go through several quality control checks before, during, and after finishing. If the bed is getting a custom stain and finish, it is carefully sanded and sent to the finisher where the stain coats and final lacquer coats are applied. When we receive these back from the finisher, the parts are again inspected, hardware is installed, and the bed is assembled for the final quality control check. The bed is then disassembled into component parts, carefully packed if it is to be shipped, or loaded onto the delivery truck for delivery and installation.

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