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The following reviews were taken from Google, Facebook, BBB, and M-CBS Digital. They are mostly in date order with the latest reviews first. The first section deals primarily with the quality of our service. The second section deals more with the quality of our products. 

Praise for our Service

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have reviewed our products and service. We are deeply grateful for the praise and feedback.

 Lucy O.        ★★★★★ Review on Google

I called Hiddenbed to see whether they would install someone else's bed, and when I saw their beds online, all I can say is I was sorry I didn't know about them first. They were amazing.  I had bought a hidden bed from another company, and their Portland installer had gone out of business. They did install my bed and were absolutely incredible in their expertise, care, and skill.  If I were ever to get another hidden bed, I would buy it from them and I would recommend them to anyone. 

Alison S         ★★★★★ Review on BBB

When I was considering a cabinet bed, Hiddenbed of Oregon answered all my questions. If he wasn't sure of the answer he found out and called me back. When the bed was delivered and set up they were prompt and courteous. I would recommend buying from Hiddenbed of Oregon.

Mark P          ★★★★★ Review on BBB

KEITH is incredible. I have gotten two of his hidden beds and am close to receiving the third one. He takes his time and he keeps his quality the highest possible. He is prompt and attentive and fantastic to work with.

Deluxe Cabinet Bed
Cape Closed.png

Richard T         ★★★★★ Review on BBB 

We love our Murphy bed but would have done things a lot different if we'd have been able to see something in a showroom. We had to pick and choose from things that we couldn't see the finished product from. Other than that, they did a great job on what we did order and would recommend them to everyone. They did a great job installing it too and everything was done on time.

Barbara O          ★★★★★ Review on BBB

All ordered by phone from California...was delivered, installed and works beautifully. Since I bought it sight unseen, I was concerned but no need as it was delivered and installed as promised. Definite recommendation!

Jeanne A          ★★★★ Review on BBB

We had a very good experience working with this business owner and the product is as solid and attractive as we hoped.

Michael R          ★★★★★ Review on BBB

I was very happy with the way the company worked with me to ship a Hiddenbed to my condo in Arlington, MA, and the way I was supported as I put the bed together.

Danita L          ★★★★★ Review on BBB

Top Notch Service! They were helpful every step of the way. When we first contacted them, they sent us samples of the types of finishes. We drove 3 hours to visit the factory and were impressed on how the beds were made. They had a couple of the different types of beds set up. We were walked through the entire ordering process by the owner. We were very happy with the process. Our bed arrived a few weeks later. The instructions were clear and concise, everything thing was labeled, including the bags of screws! Only took a few hours to set up. Follow up by Hiddenbed of Oregon was also much appreciated. The bed is sturdy, beautiful, and a great desk for when the bed is not needed. We have had this piece of furniture now for 3 years, and looks and works just as beautiful as it did the first day we put it together. If you need a bed and a desk but do not have the room for both in a room, I highly recommend Hiddenbed of Oregon for you.


Gary and Diana A        ★★★★★  Review on BBB 

Our new hidden bed is a quality item. Keith personally came out and installed the cabinet and bed for us; all the time explaining what he was doing, showing us the "How to" aspects of unlocking the cabinet to set up the mattress and re-store it until the next visitor came and needed a place to rest. Keith also assured us that we can get a replacement mattress in the future. (Good to know)

Marri F          Review on Facebook

Keith Cobb was pleasant to meet and easy to place our order. He was always on time and extremely efficient. We love our Shaker style hidden bed and more than happy with his craftsmanship. I'd recommend him to any family and friends and will order again if we find the need.

Ammonitee          ★★★★★ Review on Google

We are very appreciative of the excellent communications and service we received from Hidden Bed of Oregon re the purchase of, and assistance  with assembling, a Hidden Bed. We purchased a double bed, and it took us a few hours to assemble it, not having done it before. At one point we did need help understanding the assembly of the spring mechanism and Hidden Bed of Oregon was  timely in returning our two calls and answered all our questions and was very helpful in  guiding us with assembling the mechanism, We thank them so much for their generosity of time in this respect. As expected, everyone loves the bed/desk combo. 5 star product & 5 star service.

Karen and Randy B       ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS

Excellent experience with hiddenbed

Hiddenbed of Oregon stands behind its products even years after purchase and provides excellent on site service for more than reasonable rates. Quick, efficient, knowledgeable, Keith is a joy to work with, and he is very reliable. We highly recommend this business for both its excellent product and excellent service!

Mike R          ★★★★★    Review on Google

Great after-sale service and advice from across the country.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.04.13 AM.png
Alpine Murphy Heritage Brown

Henry M          Review on Facebook

I purchased a chest bed. Went to their showroom and looked at it first. Then the bed was ordered in original shopping containers as this bed is going to be loaded up and taken to Mexico. Excellent experience

Andy C        ★★★★★   Reviewed on M-CBS-Digital

Awesome bed and service!

High quality furniture installed by Keith and family. Friendly, clean, professional, just what I try to be as an electrical contractor. First rate experience!

Karen & Randy B       ★★★★★  Review on BBB

Hiddenbed of Oregon stands behind its products even years after purchase and provides excellent on site service for more than reasonable rates. Quick, efficient, knowledgeable, Keith is a joy to work with, and he is very reliable. We highly recommend this business for both its excellent product and excellent service!

Michael Z         ★★★★★    Reviewed on M-CBS

Beautiful bed

The bed is well constructed. It is essentially hand made by Keith. Took a lil time for him to make it, but well worth it. Had a lil problem with it, but he came out and fixed it. Have to say he stands behind his work.

Laura E          ★★★★★    Reviewed on M-CBS

Love It!

I love my Smile! It is used daily both as my work desk as well as my regular bed. It is built solid and looks beautiful. No doubt that this bed will be my favorite for decades to come! I have gotten so many compliments on it! Keith even went above and beyond to deliver and set it up in my upstairs apartment. Before I ordered, Keith and an assistant took a bundle of time explaining and showing me everything I needed to know about the various models when I visited their workshop. Quality product and quality service. Both things you just don't see anymore. I'd recommend Hidden Beds of Oregon to anyone!

Sandy W          ★★★★★ Reviewed on M-CBS 

Bought For Teenage Grand Children. The service was great. Both kids are happy with their hidden desk beds.

Murphy bed - wall bed - queen murphy bed

Conway E          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS

Superior quality service

Circumstances were a bit tight at my home, so I had to be in touch with Keith by phone on several occasions. He was always very courteous and helpful. When the time came to deliver my bed. he did, with his lovely wife and charming (and very helpful} daughter. My bed was up in no time with no fuss or bother. I have one complaint tho — they all had to leave and could not spend the rest of the day and have dinner with me!!!!!

Fey A          ★★★★★ Review on M-CBS

Topnotch product, service, and instructions / 5 stars

Very satisfied customer, thank you! We were given full instructions, and the day we were installing Keith was available by phone to help us out, we did get stuck at one point and his advice was key to completing the install. We've had the bed for a year now, we use the mechanism every day to put the bed up, and pull it down in the evening. It is a great solution to our small house, with 2 small bedrooms. Definitely recommend this product and business if you are looking into desk/wall beds.

Cec & Gwen F.,       Testimonial -  Saskatoon, SK Canada

We purchased our desk-bed from Hiddenbed of Oregon in June of 2012 and our experience has been more than pleasurable. 

As we live in Saskatoon, Canada, arrangements for shipment and then construction was necessary. Keith had crated/packaged the 330 lb. desk bed to perfection. He arranged for the transport and customs into Canada, which all went very smoothly! 

The instructions to assemble the desk-bed were easy to follow and he had marked all pieces with indicators (right/left frame, desk, bed etc). The assembly went well, without any stress. 

Keith's professionalism and customer service was outstanding. He followed up on the desk- bed from inception to our construction process, including offering to help with the setup via telephone had we had any issues with putting it together. ​

We've had the opportunity for guests to sleep on the desk-bed and all have come away with a great night's sleep. It's a beautiful piece that has enhanced our home. We have expressed our great experience with family and friends, and highly recommend that should they wish to purchase this product, Hiddenbed of Oregon would be the route to take! 

Glen Ellyn

Mel S          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS

Excellent service, we definitely recommend Hiddenbed.of Oregon

Nice looking, gives more space in room. Substitutes as a desk when bed is not needed. Easy setup for bed or as a desk.

​Doug N.,      Testimonial - Portland, OR

Bruce and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful Hiddenbed you built (and put together) for us. It's beautiful and I loved watching you put it together. Our friend slept on it last night and said it was great by the way. We really appreciate your hard work and your willingness to make it according to our timetable. You did a beautiful job for us and we are grateful.

Praise for our Products

Ross D. C.,        ★★★★★ Reviewed on M-CBS-Digital

This was an absolutely delightful transaction from beginning to end! First off it was so very helpful to find a "Murphy Bed" builder so close to Salem and one that would do the installation at an extremely reasonable price. The bed is top quality, perfectly installed by Keith and his assistant. We had a Murphy Bed in our previous home but this is much better especially when it comes to making up the bed. It is well designed. The integrity and obvious care with which Keith works is a real blessing. We highly recommend Keith and Hidden Bed of Oregon.

Melissa H        ★★★★★  Review on BBB

We absolutely love our new desk bed! Keith is amazing. He was there for us from design to installation. The desk bed itself is a functional work of art. I use the desk as both a sewing table and a home office, and it all tucks away under the bed at night. With the added cabinetry for more storage and the space-saving design of the bed, our spare room has been transformed from an afterthought to my favorite room in the house!

  • Keith and team are very knowledgeable and professional

  • Great customer experience to have one person work with us from design to installation

  • Supporting a local business

  • Innovative, space-saving, aesthetically pleasing designs

  • Ease of desk bed transformation

  • Quality, comfortable mattress

  • High quality, gorgeous materials - the wood we chose simply glows with a light of its own.

  • Lots of storage room in the side and upper shelves

This is by far one of the best investments we have made in our home. Thank you Hiddenbed of Oregon! 

Bristol Desk Bed
Cabinet bed - murphy bed - small space furniture

Anne M            ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital

Keith got it installed beautifully, spacing it just right. Visitors report that the mattress is comfortable, tho the bed part sits kinda high.
I love the desk space when we don’t need the bed

Steven L          ★★★★★      Reviewed on M-CBS-Digital 

Great product from great people.

We bought a Clover model cabinet bed in cherry finish. Keith went out of his way to help us see the product before we bought it, then helped me get it up a flight of stairs. Assembly was very easy, and the bed is very comfortable - I slept on it last night, since we have company. 10/10, will be buying from again when we have the need.

Tom C          ★★★★★      Review on Google

The bed is very comfortable and the case is a beautiful piece of furniture. Takes up little space when folded against the wall

Kellian C         ★★★★★     Review on Google

Excellent construction, we are very happy with our purchas

Mark P        ★★★★★ Reviewed on M-CBS-Digital

I have purchased two hidden beds from Keith. Both times it was an excellent experience. The quality is the best I have ever seen. I believe his pricing is 20% below what it should be because of the time and care Keith puts into this finished product. I highly recommend Keith and his company

Mel S          ★★★★★      Review on BBB

Excellent product. We have 2 of their beds.

Avalon Desk Bed

John          ★★★★★  Review on BBB

We had a very good experience working with this business owner and the product is as solid and attractive as we hoped.

Douglas N          ★★★★★ Review on BBB

We bought our Hiddenbed about 5 years ago and to be honest, it is more comfortable to sleep in than our regular bed. We use it for guests in a small room, and the ability to close it up makes this extra bedroom multi-purpose. The Hiddenbed folks were great to work with, and we've never had any issues that we needed to contact them about. Very nice people.

Anne B-S          ★★★★★ Review on Google

Excellent product, well made. I’m very pleased and expect it to last for years to come. Thank you!

Bob W          ★★★★★ Review on Google

Great to work with and a super product it’s the best I have seen and they installed it on site in a few hours really professional job

Karin C          ★★★★★ Review on Google

We've had our hidden bed for about two years.  It's been wonderful!  It is a queen size and acts as a room divider in a long living space in our apartment.  Many guests have used it and complimented how easy it is to convert, and how comfortably they've slept.  When it's in desk mode, it gets a lot of use as well.  Super happy we did this!

EVXT50 NATURAL SET_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.14.40 PM.png

Jan C          Review on Facebook

I was very pleased with the quality of my hidden bed desk and the service. It is perfect for my second bedroom allowing me to have a large desk and still accommodate overnight visitors. It is very easy to change from desk to bed and back. It also looks beautiful!! I highly recommend!!

Mary K         Review on Facebook

We love our hidden bed desk.

We've had it for a year and it is the perfect solution for our small guest bedroom. So easy to turn our desk into a bed and not have to remove anything from the desktop. Computer, printer, calculator and desk lamp just stay on the desk top and fold under the bed. Can't say enough about the customer service. They worked around our schedule and did a great job on installation

Angie G          ★★★★★ Review on Facebook

Just purchased and installed the Studio Master. Very well built and genius design! You can literally transform your office into your bedroom (and back again) with very little effort

Angie G          ★★★★★  Review on Google

I first became familiar with Hiddenbed at the Home and Garden Show a few years back.  I FINALLY sent my daughter off to college and resumed control of her room.  Got the Studio (twin) and absolutely love it!  Keith came personally to install it as well.  Highly recommend the company and gorgeous desk/bed conversions!!

Angie G       ★★★★★    Review on M-CBS Digital

From desk to bed to desk again and again.

We recently purchased, and Keith installed, our Studio Master Hiddenbed. It's not only elegant and well-crafted, but it is quite versatile for use in a small or dual purpose room. You can swap from desk to bed in an instant, hiding your work (for a nap or for the night) without interrupting your computer or paperwork etc.!!

desk  bed - hiddenbed - murphy bed with desk - small space funiture

Carlene E          ★★★★★  Review on BBB

We live in Montana, too far for Keith to put the cabinet and bed together for us, but after watching the YouTube video Keith made (several times) my handy husband put it together and the bed is wonderful. It is a beautiful piece of furniture in our TV room for guests. After we ourselves slept in it for two weeks we can attest that it is comfortable and a true queen sized bed. It is easy to open and close. I would not recommend trying to put the cabinet together yourself if you are not handy. We are very pleased with the bed and have no regrets.

Cindy B-K         Review on Facebook

My Hiddenbed was just installed and I love it. No more air mattresses when company comes to visit! The wood finish is beautiful and the bed folds out and up like a dream. I would recommend this bed to anyone interested in a space-saving alternative to conventional beds.

Rick W         ★★★★★    Review on M-CBS Digital

Shaker wall bed...wonderful!

We have considered the purchase of a 'Murphy/Wall bed for a few years now. Finally in February 2018 we decided to do it. Upon doing a web search we discovered a builder almost in our backyard. So I made the short drive to Mt Angel to look at a bed that they had at the shop. In talking with Keith and looking at the product it was an easy choice.

Our 'Shaker' bed was installed this past week. The quality of the bed and bookcase, plus the great attention to detail makes it easy to write this review. As well I'm glad that I went with Keith's suggestion to add the LED light with remote.

I'm sure that we'll enjoy the convenience of the added room space plus a wonderful guest queen bed when needed for years to come.

Thank you Hiddenbed of Oregon!

Randall B         Review on Facebook

Excellent product, fine craftsmanship, and conscientious service.

murphy bed - wall bed - queen murphy bed - space saving furniture

Gary A          ★★★★★   Review on M-CBS Digital

A quality bed!

Seeing Hiddenbed of Oregon at the Linn County Home Show led us to purchase one from Keith Cobb, Hiddenbed of Oregon's owner. Keith also came out and personally installed the unit for us. The bed and its cabinet are high quality as is Keith. He carefully explained the set up and how to prepare the bed for our guests. We would buy another one from Keith if and when we need to accommodate other guests in our home.

Cindy B          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital

Love new wall bed

Thank you, Keith, of Hidden Beds of Oregon! We love our wall bed! We have a two-bedroom house and previously had to haul a temporary bed into the house. Now we have a comfy wall bed with awesome mattress always ready. I like how we can keep the bed made and just close it up in the morning until bedtime. A wall bed is much less expensive than adding a bedroom! We love our part of Oregon and we're happy to have purchased from a Mt. Angel company.

Diane P          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital

I love my new bed/desk/shelf!

I have greatly enjoyed the Ritzy Bed/Desk/Shelf unit that I recently purchased. The unit is sturdy and well made. The bed is easily pulled down when changing from the desk and I like the height of the bed. I love books and having a shelf that will hold up to 200 pounds more of them is wonderful. The desk will be great for working on memory books and then having my work be out of sight when I don't need it. The attached light above the desk is a nice feature. I anticipate having less living space in future years and this bed will help me to make the most of the space that I have.

Tyson T         Review on Facebook

The craftsmanship and design are amazing! Such a smart piece of furniture.

murphy bed - desk bed - murphy bed with desk - small space furniture
Avalon Desk Bed

Terri F          ★★★★★      Review on M-CBS Digital

Queen smile perfect for tiny house

We purchased a queen Smile from Hiddenbed of Oregon, and Keith helped us purchase the perfect version. We built a tiny house behind our house for visiting family and to rent for short term vacation rentals. We wanted the option to sleep four instead of just 2, so a Hiddenbed was the perfect solution for us. Because this unit sits in the living room that is only 11 feet wide, we asked Keith to mount our flat screen TV on it, and he did a great job. We asked him to attach the appropriate cables, so the TV actually doubles as either a TV hooked up to cable, or as a laptop monitor with the HDMI cable. It's pretty slick. We just got this a few weeks ago so we haven't slept on it ourselves yet, but our first guest who slept on it said it was really comfortable. We bought the mattress through Hiddenbed in order to ensure best fit. Keith delivered the whole kit and caboodle and had it set up in about 2 hours. We could not be happier. It is a large piece of furniture, but because it triples as a bed, work desk and TV, it is perfect for a tiny house. And with the natural Maple veneer, it is beautiful as well. Highly recommended!

Mark P          ★★★★★  Review on LM-CBS Digital

EXCELLENT experience!

Keith is a superb craftsman, and provides great customer service. I had the opportunity to see how it is built. It is well constructed very solid. The Hiddenbed is a good find. I use it in my office. The size of the desk is perfect for my technical work. When I need a rest I pull the bed down and take a nap.

Charles W          ★★★★★ Review on M-CBS Digital

Excellent craftsmanship. Very pleasant to work with.

We asked for a custom made Murphy wall system. We are very happy with the craftsmanship and the finished item on the wall in our new home bedroom/office/sewing room. I would recommend Keith Cobb. A very pleasant man to work with.

Bristol Desk Bed

 Danita L        ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital

Great personal service, an amazing bed/desk!!

We were looking for a Murphy bed on line, I stumbled across Hiddenbed of Oregon's website!! I found the perfect solution to our problem in our guest room! A bed that was also a desk, perfect! We called Keith, set up an appointment to view the beds, put in our order and got our bed within a few weeks! The bed came with everything labeled, each piece of the frame and every bag of accessories labeled, to put it together. Took my nephew about an hour and a half to put together. We put in a futon inner spring mattress and the nephew slept on it, and he loved it. We love that the room isn't taken up with a bed full time and we can leave everything on the desk when it is down. We love showing it off to everyone who stops by, showing them how it works and the space saving benefits of the bed. We love our Hiddenbed and highly recommend them and Keith!

Ginny G          ★★★★★ Review on M-CBS Digital

Love showing off this desk to friends

So glad I discovered this product — it's magic the way my office transforms so easily to a guest room!

Doug N          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital

I am so glad we got a Hiddenbed!

We've had our queen sized wall-mounted Hiddenbed for about 4 years now. It is very comfortable, and so wonderful to be able to close up and gain space for other activities in our rather small guest room. We had Keith come up to install it for a very reasonable price, and I highly recommend others do the same, unless you are unusually adept at instructions and handy as well. I can't say enough good about our wall bed, nor about Keith the owner!

Cheryl H          ★★★★★  Review on M-CBS Digital 

LOVE our Hiddenbed!

In our small house my study needed to double as a guestroom. AND I needed more workspace for my at-home office. Keith built us the perfect bed, and when we went to pick it up he let us film each step of the "break down" so that we would be able to reverse and set-up with ease at home. Everyone LOVES the bed! people staying with us, friends just seeing it and how it works. So easy and the bed/desk does everything it purports to do. 5 STARS.

Euro Deluxe
murphy bed with desk - small space furniture - hidden bed - hiddenbed

Ted and Sylvia         Testimonial - Gresham, Oregon

Thank you Hiddenbed of Oregon for the perfect solution. Our young grandsons visit us most weekends and our youngest, aged 11, slept on the couch. We contacted you to help us with a solution. You recommended the Ritzy twin. Our grandson now has a desk for his computer gear and games during the day, and a comfortable bed to sleep at night. He enjoys doing the conversion from desk to bed at night and bed to desk in the morning. We appreciate the personal service you provided during the  selection and installation process.

Clay B.         Testimonial - Cupertino, CA

I'm very happy with my Hiddenbed. The low profile of the Slim model fits well in my small place. its dual purpose has freed up space when not in use as a bed. The bed is really well made. It looks great and is just as sturdy as any regular bed frame. I was able to put it together myself with occasional help from another person in under four hours. 

Anna Mae L.          Testimonial - Silverton, OR

The Hiddenbed is working very well for us. It's beautiful and comfortable. We had family come over during the holiday season, and they loved the bed. When guests are not around, we're able to use the space as a computer and crafts room.

Paul and Kimla K.          Testimonial - Sherwood, OR

We're thrilled with our Hiddenbed. It's such an efficient use of our office/guest bedroom space! The attention to detail and workmanship is exceptional. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.03_edited.jpg
Praise for Products
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