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What Sets Hiddenbed of Oregon Apart

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

It is not always obvious what makes our Hiddenbed products better than those offered by many other producers. So, we would like to point out the most important differences:

Refined Designs

Over the years, we've put an enormous amount of effort in developing and refining our designs. When we first started making the Hiddenbed, we quickly realized that we could improve upon designs already available. We have also developed some completely new designs (Regal, Studio Master, and the Ritzy Stubby. Our newer designs have very clean and elegant lines with significantly more curved edges that those offered by other producers, and we have continually found ways to streamline the production process and improve upon the ease of assembly of our products.

Strength and durability

Another feature of our beds is their sturdiness. All our desks, for example incorporate a very strong steel support bar that will allow the desk to support far more weight than was originally specified. Our full and queen beds have strong support bars in the mattress lodge, and shelves and case tops are also supported by strong steel support bars to prevent sagging.

Special Quick Lock Fasteners

One of the major breakthroughs in our designs was when we found and incorporated special fasteners that lock parts together very securely and quickly. These fasteners are also unobtrusive and mostly hidden from view - a great improvement over the big screws that have been standard for making these connections. Our beds, therefore, have no penetrations through the outside of the case, bed frame, and desk where members are connected.

Refined Joinery and Ease of Assembly

Certain parts of our beds, such as bed ledgers and various trim pieces on the case are doweled and glued together so that no screw heads can be seen. This, combined with our use of special cam locks, makes for cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing assemblies, fewer fasteners, and easier assembly. This is especially helpful for customers who have their beds shipped and do the assembly themselves.

Improved Balance

One of the elements of our beds on which we have put a lot of attention is their balance and ease of transition. Some of our beds, like the Ritzy line, including the Studio Master, the Ritzy Twin, and the Ritzy Stubby are so well balanced that they almost operate themselves. There are many factors that affect the balance of the bed: the weight of the materials, the weight of the mattress, and the weight expected to be placed on the desk. Over the years, through experimentation and experience, we have learned how to make adjustments to the Hiddenbed mechanism, the placement of the bottom bracket, and the gas struts in order to improve the balance of our beds.

How effortless is it? Watch this delightful video!

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