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Hiddenbed of Oregon sets up shop in Mount Angel

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Hiddenbed of Oregon, which specializes in the production of a system that converts a bed to work station in seconds, opens its new production facility and showroom in Mount Angel this Saturday.

Keith Cobb started Hiddenbed of Oregon four years ago. The company sells a unit that converts a desk space into a bed, as illustrated in the photo.Models of the company’s original designs of the Hiddenbed and other space-saving furniture will be on display 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Refreshments will also be served.

Owner Keith Cobb got the inspiration to start Hiddenbed of Oregon four years ago when he and

his wife, Jo, were planning to open an adult foster care home in Mount Angel.

“To do the adult foster care business, we were going to have to move our bedroom and office space into our family room, and I knew that space was really going to be tight,” said Jo Cobb Garcia. “In researching space-saving furniture on the Internet, I came across the Hiddenbed concept and was intrigued. Here was a way to have a beautiful desk and bed in the same unit, and I could see that it was very easy to convert from bed to desk and back in seconds. I was also impressed by the fact that I could leave my computer and monitor and everything else hooked up and running. Nothing had to be removed from the desk in order to use the bed.”

As a skilled craftsman and carpenter, Keith eagerly took on the project and built their first Hiddenbed. As it turned out, the Cobb family decided not to open the adult foster care home, but the inspiration to build that first Hiddenbed turned out to be the start of a new business.

For the past four years, Cobb has operated the Hiddenbed business out of the home, using the garage as his workshop and local cabinet shops for some of the more machine-intensive millwork. As orders increased across the country and even into Canada, he decided he needed to expand. In March he leased 1,500 square feet in the historic Wilco building, 190 S. Main St. in Mount Angel, and purchased several new milling machines.

“I’m excited and hopeful that Hiddenbed of Oregon can be of service to more people who are economizing on space as housing costs continue to rise,”?Cobb said. “There’s a whole trend of building micro-homes and a growing need for space-saving furniture.”

Cobb, who has won awards for designing and building green homes, will be on hand Saturday to show the Hiddenbed and the custom designs that he has developed for this space-saving line of furniture.

In addition to their use in micro-homes and studio apartments, one of the best uses for the Hiddenbed is in the guest bedroom.

“When you think about it, most guest bedrooms just store a bed for most of the year, and there’s not much else that you can do with the space,” Cobb said. “With the Hiddenbed, you can turn your guest bedroom into an office space, a sewing room or crafts area.”

Hiddenbed of Oregon is offering a 10 percent discount on any bed ordered on or before Saturday.

For more information, visit, or call 503-874-6109.

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