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Residence Halls. . . Double Your Space!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Hiddenbed neatly fits against a wall, everything remains intact as the desk becomes a bed.

Hiddenbed, an innovative space-saving invention, is giving residence halls double the space, because it has managed to converge two mammoth elements of a room into one—the bed and the study. The Hiddenbed works on a global patented mechanism. Once you pull out the bed, the desk area is slowly lowered at the same angle, which means you do not have to clear the clutter on your desk before you decide to pull out the bed.

The 18” gap between the bed and desk also ensures there is enough space for your computer and other electronics to remain on the desk. “You don’t need to unplug any of these accessories,” says Paul Rodriguez, President of Hiddenbed USA, the licensed distributor of the Hiddenbed mechanism for the US. The product design has arrangements for all the necessary cables and wires.

Along with optional shelves and storage units, you can choose from a number of models of the Hiddenbed ranging in size from twin to queen. Due to its multifunctional capability and ease of transformation, the Hiddenbed is becoming more and more popular in university dorms.

Hiddenbeds are curretly installed at the University of the Virgin Islands, SUNY at Buffalo, Tokyo Medical, Denlai University, and Portsmouth University in the UK. There are also trials in progress at Tarleton University nd Texas Tech. Sean Georges, Director of Student Housing at the University of the Virgin Islands recently renovated the residence hall using XL Twin Hiddenbeds and matching cabinetry for extra storage. “It doubles the space they had before and the extra storage gives them plenty of room for their personal items. This solution has really opened up these small rooms for our students.” says Georges.

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