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Transforming Desk Beds - Perfect for Tiny Homes

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Regal Hiddenbed installed in a Tiny Home

The Hiddenbed is an ideal solution for people who have small bedrooms or who live in other small spaces. We at Hiddenbed of Oregon have installed Hiddenbed desk/beds in rooms as small as seven feet wide and ten feet long. Recently, we installed a queen size vertical Hiddenbed, our Regal Model, in a "tiny home" with a floor space of only 160 sq. ft. What is even more impressive about this installation is that most of the home was taken up with bathroom and kitchen areas. The Regal will provide luxurious sleeping for two as well as great desk space and an entertainment center with the addition of a flat screen TV mounted on the bed case).

If you need small-bedroom ideas, small bedroom furniture, or other small-space furniture, we invite you to visit our website at

We specialize in space-saving bedroom furniture. We have several models of the Hiddenbed including the: Slim, Ritzy, Splendid, Smile, Regal, and Majestic. These come in twin beds, full size beds (double beds), queen beds, and our Double Decker bunk beds. We also have wall beds and Murphy beds, but the Hiddenbed is our specialty.

Additionally, if you need a multi-purpose desk or sewing station, check our our Hiddendesk. This space-saving desk doubles as a small dining table and hide-away computer desk that can also be used to hold and store a sewing machine.

We are happy to work with homeowners, architects, and designers to customize our products for their small bedroom designs and other small room ideas. Our Hiddenbed models and Hiddendesk are ideal solutions when it comes to furniture for small spaces.

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