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  • Keith Cobb

New Cabinet Bed Mattress: Comfy, Healthy, and Eco-friendly

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

From its beginnings, Hiddenbed of Oregon has been offering high-quality space-saving beds. But a lesser-known fact is that we also offer high-quality mattresses that are comfortable, healthy, and eco-friendly. Our latest mattress offering is the Aloe Gel Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress, which comes with any of the queen-sized Premium, Deluxe, and Study Buddy cabinet beds.

This Canadian-made mattress is tested and certified to have met rigorous standards for content, emissions, and resilience. It has a thick base of memory foam designed to carry the weight of the sleeper and to provide firm support for the body. The top inch of the mattress is a lighter memory foam, infused with a cooling gel to ensure an ideal sleeping temperature. It relieves common pressure points and creates the famous “cuddling effect” of memory foam. This mattress’s removable cover is made with a 4-way stretch fabric and an anti-slip backing at the bottom. This covering is infused with aloe vera fibers, and is naturally anti-microbial (not chemically treated) to help you enjoy a healthy and rejuvenating sleep. To learn more, please visit NuAge Foam, Inc.

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