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The revolutionary, space saving bed and desk system that converts a bed to an efficient workstation in seconds


Such a great space-saver . . .
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This short video shows how easy it is to convert this space saving bed into an elegant work station in seconds. Even a child can do it without much effort. When space is a a premium, the Hiddenbed is the best answer. Whether you are trying to reclaim the space in your guest bedroom for personal use, or need to double the space in your studio, dorm, or small bedroom, a Hiddenbed, wall bed or other space-saving furniture from Hiddenbed of Oregon is the perfect solution.

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Majestic Full Size Hiddenbed

The Hiddenbed Advantage

Sophisticated design transforms easily between work space and bed

Solid, maintenance-free, long-lasting construction

Finely finished furniture

Can be made to order to match your room decor

Optional side cabinets and shelving

Superior to murphy bed or wall bed that has no desk and is hard to move

Desktop remains horizontal and drops beneath bed as bed is "unhid"

No need to remove items from the desk

Desk holds items up to 45 lbs. and up to 17" tall

Equipment can remain plugged in at all time

Patented mechanism allows for easy, safe, and smooth operation

Easy to set up and move

The Hiddenbed is the most elegant, unique, and economical space-saving solution that we have seen. If you are short on space, it is like adding another room to your home at a fraction of the cost. If you have a guest bedroom that you wish you could use for some other purpose than storing a bed used only occasionally, the Hiddenbed is the best solution we've seen. When the guests are not there, which is most of the time, you simply store the bed—it only takes seconds—and the desk/workspace immediately appears, with everything just as you left it. And, when you need to use the bed, there is no need to unplug anything or remove anything from the desk. Just gently pull the bed down and the desk drops down and underneath the bed where it is stored until it is needed again. So, it is like having two rooms in one, with one compact piece of furniture, the Hiddenbed, to make it all work! With Hiddenbed, you get a comfortable  bed and great workspace in one piece of furniture rather than buying two pieces that would take up a lot more space.

The Hiddenbed Mechanism – an Ingenious Balancing Mechanism


Hiddenbed Mechanism

What makes the Hiddenbed work is the ingenious, patented balancing mechanism. This mechanism incorporates some very sturdy metal pieces that include a trunnion pivot point, gas filled struts, and some other smaller parts that keep the bed working smoothly and effortlessly for years of dependable service. It has been checked for durability in testing that cycled the mechanism and bed for over 10,000 times, the equivalent of about thirty years of use. With this balancing mechanism, you hardly feel the weight of the bed as you hide or un-hide it. Even a child can easily operate the Hiddenbed, as you can see in both the videos and the photos presented in our website.

About the Materials Used in Our Hiddenbeds

Samples of Our Most Popular Woods

Maple Hardwood
Cherry Hardwood
Walnut Hardwood
Oak Hardwood
Walnut Hardwood
Oak Hardwood

Hardwood Plywood versus Melamine

Both hardwood plywood and Melamine are beautiful wood products, each with its own specific advantages. Hardwood plywood is lighter, more durable, and has a more natural look and feel than Melamine. Melamine's main advantage is that it is less expensive, however, the Melamine products that we use in our Hiddenbeds are very high quality and strikingly beautiful in their own right. The Melamine finish is a very durable “designed” print that is thermally bonded to a particleboard substrate. Both products are engineered to meet the strict emissions limitations established by the California Air Resource Board. (See note in FAQs)

Designed for Beauty and Elegance

We at Hiddenbed of Oregon take pride in providing not only a unique space saving, multi-functional piece of furniture, but one one that will add beauty and elegance to your home. Our Hiddenbeds are constructed with either furniture grade hardwood plywood or pre-finished wood-grain Melamine. All our beds also incorporate fine hardwood edge-banding and solid hardwood trim pieces.

The Basic Option

Of the many species of wood available in both hardwood plywoods and melamine sheet goods, we have chosen Maple for our basic option. Maple is a light colored wood that is generally straight-grained with a fine, uniform, smooth texture that takes stain well and finishes beautifully. It is very strong and durable, and is also one of the more inexpensive hardwood plywoods and melamine sheet goods. These properties make it an excellent choice for our basic option, and the one that we will keep in stock, ready for assembly and installation in your home.

Optional Hardwoods

You can also order your hidden bed in any of a number of other species. Since these species vary in price, the cost of a Hiddenbed that incorporates these species will vary according to the added cost of the specific sheet goods used.

 Finishing Touches

Our Finishing process

At Hiddenbed of Oregon we take great care to ensure that your Hiddenbed will have an attractive and durable finish. Our Melamine beds require very little finishing since Melamine is a pre-finished material. For our wooden beds, The finishing process is outlined below:

  1. After the parts are milled and inspected for quality, all surfaces are sanded to achieve a fine furniture feel, and all dust is carefully removed.
  2. If the Hiddenbed is to be stained, we then hand apply a deep penetrating stain that is allowed to air dry. Our high quality stains bring out the highlights in the wood and add richness to the finish.
  3. A specially formulated, pre-catalyzed sanding sealer is pressure applied, preparing the surface for the final finish.
  4. Once the sanding sealer is dry, all surfaces are lightly hand sanded and wiped clean.
  5. Up to three coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer are  pressure applied to attain a handsome, durable satin or semi-gloss finish.
  6. Before every Hiddenbed is delivered and installed, it is again inspected to ensure that it meets our high quality standards

To the right are color swatches of some of the different stain colors that are available for application to your Hiddenbed. If you wish to have your own special stain used, we will be happy to do so.  Additionally, you may choose a clear stain which helps to bring out the highlights of the wood without adding color.

Wood Stain Colors

(Click on Chart for an enlarged view)
Stain Color Chart

How to Order Your Hiddenbed

Call us at 503-874-6109

Browse and Select

Please browse our fine space-saving products shown on our Product page. Whether you are interested in a desk bed, wall bed, space saving desk, or any other of our continually expanding line of products, you will see them there with the base price for each item. If you see something that attracts your attention, click on the photo or link below, and you will be taken to that product page where you can see additional photos, a full description, specifications, and all the options for that particular item. At some point, you will find that you are attracted to one product above all the other products.


Once you have decided on the particular bed that you wish to purchase, you can configure your bed according to a wide range of options shown in drop down selection boxes on the Quote Request form. For many of our products, there are options for size, material, wood species, finish, and associated cabinetry. If you wish to have your bed customized beyond the standard options that we offer, please specify these in the space provided. 

Submit your quote request

After completing the customizations on the Quote Request form, please include your name, contact information, and shipping information. Please be assured that we have absolutely no interest in sharing your contact information with anyone else. Once we receive your quote request, we will put together a quote detailing all the customizations you have selected and calculate the shipping cost to your location. This will be sent to via email unless you request otherwise.

Finalize the order

Once you receive our quote, you may wish to change some of the options you originally requested. We will take care of this either by phone or email - your choice. Once you have made your final decision, please call or email us. We will then generate an invoice for you. In some cases, we will have the exact item you want in stock, and can ship the bed or other item as soon as we receive your payment. If we do not have your item in stock, we will schedule it for production. In this case, production will start as soon as we receive your 50% downpayment.

Make your payment

You may pay for your Hiddenbed, wall bed, space-saving desk, or other item by personal check or with a credit card through the Paypal gateway. For simplicity's sake, we prefer personal checks. Please see our "Policies" page for details on our guarantee, return policy, and other important policies.

Optionally - Call us or visit our production facility and showroom

We always enjoy having our customers visit us in Mt. Angel. It is always best to call ahead, since we are sometimes out on a delivery.

Phone: (503) 874-6109

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