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The Space-Saving Advantage

Looking for a Space-Saving Bed?

Are you limited on space or just want to make better use of your guest bedroom? You'll find great solutions at Hiddenbed of Oregon. Choose from our whole line of space-saving beds. We have transforming Hiddenbed desk-beds, Murphy beds, wall beds, cabinet beds, and other unique, multi-purpose, space-saving furniture. We'll custom build them to your specifications and to match your room decor.

A Convenient Solution

Our various hidden beds, cabinet beds, and wall beds are almost effortless to transition, and it only takes seconds. What's more, with our Hiddenbed models, nothing needs to be moved off the desk before you transition to the bed. All our beds are fitted with high-quality balancing mechanisms to make transitioning easy.

High Quality Construction

When you buy a Hiddenbed or Murphy bed from us, you are getting the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials. We use only high-quality hardwood veneer panels with strong, durable plywood cores. Every bed, except our cabinet bed is handmade by skilled artisans here in Oregon.  Our products are specially designed for ease of assembly. We use special hardware and assembly methods to reduce to a minimum the number of visible fasteners. 

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Why Hiddenbed of Oregon?

Lovingly handcrafted: Our space-saving Hiddenbeds and Murphy beds are handmade for you by skilled artisans here in Oregon and California. We love what we do, and our work shows it.

Our Specialty: We specialize in the transforming Hiddenbed™ and other space-saving beds such as murphy beds, wall beds, and cabinet beds. Our full line of space-saving Hiddenbed furniture is the product of years of experience and continual refinement.

Finest quality materials: Our beds are made with fine furniture grade hardwood panels and hardwood trim.  Standard materials include nine different wood species. Other wood species and special finishes are available upon request.

We Customize: We work directly with our customers to make you the bed that you want, and to match your room decor.

Hard to beat our pricing!

One of our many Murphy beds and wall beds

Majestic Hiddenbed with optional cabinetry


Features • Benefits • Advantages


  Compact, multi-functional, space-saving, economical

  Made with premium hardwood panels (no particle board!)

  Custom designed for elegance and ease of assembly

  Available in horizontal and vertical opening models

  Dependable, independently-tested mechanisms

  Available in twin, double, and queen models

  Style and color options to fit your decor

  Custom cabinetry options



  Saves space and money

  Doubles utility of your space

  Beautiful, durable, and comfortable

Advantages over Other
Space-Saving Beds

  Transform almost effortlessly,
     and in only a few seconds

  Our Hiddenbed line all have large desks with ample
      clearance for monitors and other items.
 No need to
      remove items from desk or bed before transforming

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for children? Yes.  Kids love the Hiddenbed, especially the twin models and the double decker. While younger children may need assistance, older children can transform the bed easily by themselves.

Is it easy to install? It takes from about half an hour to four hours (depending on the model and optional extras) for a trained installer to set up one of our beds. For customers who purchase and install their own beds, it will take longer. If you are familiar with basic tools and have access to a cordless screwdriver, it should be easy enough to do. We provide excellent videos of the entire assembly process as well as written instructions. We can also be available for phone consultation during the assembly process if necessary. If you don't feel confident to do the assembly yourself, we can help you to find a local handyman to assist with the assembly.

Is it customizable? Our Hiddenbed furniture comes in many sizes and styles, and can be made to order to match your room decor, with optional materials and finishes in additional to optional cabinetry and shelving.

How long will it take to get it? If we have your model in stock, it will take about a week to ten days to receive it. If your model is not in stock, and depending on the material and finish you select, it could take up to three to six weeks.



Cancellation/Refund Policy  

After we have started production, we will refund what you have paid only for a compelling reason.

Return Policy

We will accept a return only under the following conditions:

  1. There must be a compelling reason.

  2. The Hiddenbed must be in excellent condition.

  3. Returns will not be accepted after 60 days from the date the product was received.

  4. Customer agrees to pay a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of crating and shipping the returned bed.



Procedure for requesting a return


If for any reason you wish to return your bed, contact us by email. Please explain the reasons for your decision. Once we have agreed to the return, we will arrange for your bed to be picked up. If your bed was shipped to you, we will provide instructions on how to dis-assemble and re-crate the bed. If you are within 100 miles of our plant, an installer will come to transport your bed back to our plant. Once we have received the bed back into inventory, we will issue a refund check to you. You will receive the purchase price less the handling and transportation costs as well as a 10% restocking fee.

Local Delivery Policy  

Our beds require assembly in your home. For customers within a reasonable distance from our plant we provide a service to deliver and assemble them in person. This ensures that your bed will be set up quickly and properly for years of faithful service and your enjoyment. The fee for delivery and installation within a 50-mile radius of our plant is $195. More distant customers will pay an additional $1 per mile round trip beyond the 50 mile radius from Mount Angel. This covers the additional costs for gas and travel time.

Shipping Policy

For beds that must be shipped, we will crate it and arrange for it to be delivered to your address. The shipper will drop your crate on the sidewalk or in your driveway. You will be responsible to uncrate it, move the pieces into your domicile, and assemble the bed. We provide excellent assembly videos and written assembly instructions. We will also provide phone support during the assembly process if necessary. You can expect that the shipping cost will fall somewhere between $295 to $595. Please call for a shipping quote.

Information Sharing Policy

We do not share your personal information with anyone.


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